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L’art de Paul Renaud

En decouvrant Cavewoman je suis tombé sur une image qui me plaisait bien,originale et tres belle a mettre dans mon salon .

Apres de nombreux mails entre Gourvy et Rich DEDominicis j’ai pu avoir l’objet tant convoité .


Un bel A3 qui trone dans un salon louis XVI ca en jette pas mal .

L’image :




Fear Agent

Fear Agent dans Bio SCAN0082



Gourvy nous a offert ce comics qui est un peu spatial avec une histoire déssiné par Paul Renaud .


Ces quelques dessins nous montrent le talent de ce grand Monsieur




Vous trouverez ce comics chez Gilles C et chez Gourvy comics .

Le comics ou HC de la semaine



J’ai recu il y a peu la totale d’Avengers Forever qui etait paru en francais dans la revue Thor en seconde partie .J’en avais un souvenir mitigé vu la parution mois par mois.J’ai entamé ce gros volume d’une traite tellement il est dense et rappelles les meilleurs moments des Vengeurs ou les pires justement .

Ce volume raconte la future defaite de Kang et Rick Jones n’est pas a l’abri des manipulations du temps par immortus.On apprends dans ce volume justement l’origine de la Vision.un retour dans le passé avec les cow boys Marvel ,Le Yellowjacket dejanté et le Captain America troublé .


Ca se lit bien et on ne s’ennuie a aucun moment tout est bien rythmé et orchestré .


La note de 1 a 10 pour la VO est de 2 car certains passages sont dur mais pas insurmontables.



Nouvelles du front

Gourvy comics nous envoie dans la semaine le comics Athena ,la critique sera presente ici et sur buzz en simultanée .La couverture qu’on adore :



Une interview de Paul Renaud

Paul a été intervievé par Kiel Phegley par le site Comic Book Resources.

Quelques parties ont servies pour la presentation du comics ici elle est présentée en integrale



1 – To begin, a lot of folks have seen the work you’ve done on Dynamite’s « Red Sonja » books. What was your first reaction to coming on and tackling another female warrior for the publisher? In what ways is working with a character based in actual myth different or more challenging than working with a purely fictional gal like Sonja?

To me the mythological background was the main appeal in my approach on the series. My concern was that she might be perceived like a second rate Wonder Woman by comic fans. So I thought I had to make her look like the true goddess she is, bringing as much nobility as possible to her figure. She has to be the original, not one of the many amazon characters that was based on Athena along the years.
From my point of view Red Sonja and Athena are opposite. Red Sonja is a very modern person who deals with all kinds of medieval fantasy environments. Athena is the old time goddess confronted to the modern world. Of course they’re both warriors, and both highly feminist icons…but Athena is all in the justice and wisdom where Red Sonja is all in the provocation and rage. I’m drawing a new Sonja mini-series right now, and there’s a lot of rage involved.

2 – Even though Athena has a general set of physical characteristics and design principals that go along with drawing her, there seems to be a lot of variation on which parts of the character from the snake on the spear to her helmet you want to use. How did you go about drawing the most iconic version of the character you could? Were there any pieces of classical art that served as inspiration for your take?

I made several designs for that character, and I don’t know if the other artists went for the same that I used on the covers. All designs were very inspired by the statues of Athena, of course. But we decided early on that she’d wear a new armor, made up in present time. So I tried to design something that would suggest it was made by gods today. To me it doesn’t have to be an iconic super-hero costume. It should evolve from an artist to another. But I tried to incorporate some classical elements that stayed in the various designs we’re using, like the gorgon shield, of course the spear, and a variation of her helmet.
You should recognize Athena from these basic elements…and most of all from her figure and the way she’s standing. It’s all in the pose that echoes the statues.

3 – Your pages of the series are largely dealing in flashbacks to Athena’s time amongst the gods and goddesses on Olympus. What did you do both to make the pages feel like they took place in antiquity and to separate them from what Fabiano is doing in the modern sections of the book?

I felt it was appropriate to approach this in a more European style. As a Frenchman, I’m sometime torn apart by two very different ways of doing comics…but this allowed me to channel everything I liked into the work. It’s almost « ligne claire » as we call it in France : a light outline with minimal line rendering and gray tonal work for the shading and volumes. A lot of emphasis is put on the backgrounds too. I tried to give as much grandeur as possible. I decided to color the mythological pages in reddish sepia tones to give it a more antique look.
I really loved doing those mythological sequences. I was happy to let my Moebius and Manara influences shine.

4 – You’ve done plenty of work across comics, but lately, people have been seeing a lot of covers from you. What’s it like shifting between the big payoff images that covers necessitate and getting back into sequential pages like you’re doing for « Athena »?

As you said, a cover has to impact the reader as much as possible. So you’re trying to work on a composition that conveys everything you need and stays simple at the same time. The sequential work is more interesting to me because you’re building something bigger. I just love to establish the set, play with the characters, the pacing of the story…everything. It is hard work, but my love goes for the sequential work.
But of course I can do my own coloring on covers…and that’s a very important appeal to me. You can do the whole thing. Interior work implies working as a team. Right now I feel the need to do it all.
On Athena, the mythological pages were originally colored by the same colorist who does also the modern sequences (as shown on the previews online), but I asked to rework the pages and go for the sepia instead. It was a cool move from Dynamite and the colorist to let me do this. I appreciate that.
We’ve been talking about a new project with Rick Remender, where I will do art and color. That will be a major thing for me and I believe for the people who like my work. I’ll be starting soon and I’m very excited.

5 – Finally, what have you enjoyed about Doug Murray’s scripts on the series so far? Are there any standout moments that you were most pumped to draw?

Getting to draw a « reader digest » version of the birth of Zeus and the Olympians was fun. Same goes for the war of Troy. I can’t believe we manage to compress this into so few pages. I mean, it’s only like 20 pages for the whole thing! That’s insane…but it’s also very exciting to do because you want to bring emotion to this succession of events. It was a challenging task. 



Confirmation de la journée Paul Renaud le 21 Septembre a partir de 9h00 du matin jusqu’a 22h00 le blog mettra les bouchées doubles pour vous montrer en long,large et en travers le travail de Paul Renaud .Au menu :

Un historique des couvertures qu’il a réalisés .

Des planches originales (collection personnelle).

Des interieurs de comics qu’il a réalisés.

des comics dédicacés (collection personnelle).

Un peu de Cavewoman.

L’actualité de Paul Renaud .

Le blog de Bastien

J’ai rencontré Bastien a Ramonville en Novembre 2008,le gars tres sympathique et souriant ,une mine d’infos et pleins de choses a raconter.J’y ai passé un bon moment a papoter et a parler de cornus et d’indiens,aujourd’hui je vous presente son blog qui est une pépite et un détour a ne pas louper pour ses critiques ,l’adresse:



Toutes les semaines ,on presentera un sketchbook d’un artiste .Aujourd’hui on inaugure avec celui de Gilles C ,les formes genereuses de ses demoiselles nous font rever ,en attendant peut etre une edition 3 au prochain Ramonville,voici quelques images:

le numero 1

Le numero 2


Quelques illustrations des 2 Sketchboobs :


Pour se les procurer:

Soit a Ramonville en Novembre et Mars ,soit demander sur Buzz.

comics coup de coeur Amazing Spider-Man 601/602/603


Amazing Spider-Man 601/602/603 apres les évenements du 600 et le futur (clone ,qui a dit clone saga) qui s’annonce (peut etre) prometteur ;ces 3 episodes nous racontent le retour du Cameleon et comment il intervient dans la vie de Peter et comment il passe a coté du secret de celui ci entre MJ,Harry (pas Potter) ,Flash qui se ridiculise et Jameson ,j’en passe des meilleurs .

Un bon comics a suivre malgres tout mais 3 fois par mois ,jusqu’a maintenant BND ne m’avais pas du tout convaincu ,la je commence a changer d’avis ces 3 numeros me font esperer le retour de MJ et peut etre une expliquation qu’on attends depuis longtemps .

On attends beaucoup de la suite et j’ai hate du 604 car l’image de fin entre les 602 et 603 nous laisse pas beaucoup d’option possible pour l’avenir du tisseur .LeCameleon va t’il reussir ou se faire aplatir comme dans Pursuit (VO) .

La suite bientot.

Comprehension de la VO sur l’echelle de 1 a 10 ,je mettrais 1 car c’est vraiment basique et tres comprehensible.

Guardians of the galaxy


Dans ce tpb ,on nous raconte les origines de Starhawk et ca passe plutot bien ,on retrouve nos guardians avec l’equipe habituelle et aussi la premiere apparition de Nikki la dame a la chevelure flamboyante.Entre Vance (adulte) qui cherche sa place,Martinex,Yondu,Charlie27 ,on ne s’ennuie pas une minute et de retrouver le nom du vaisseau « Captain America » terrible.Ecrit de main de maitre par Steve Gerber ,déssiné par Al Milgrom et John Buscema pour un épisode de 2 siecles differents.

Comprehension de la langue sur une echelle de 1 a 10 je mettrais 2 pour certains passages mais pas insurmontables quand meme.

A se procurer d’urgence si on aime le cosmic old school .



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